The shoes you choose to accompany your wedding dress have become as important as the dress itself. Every bride has a picture of her shoes in her wedding album. Heels are great for the ceremony but wearing them late into the night can be a bit of a challenge. Brides are opting for something a bit more comfortable when it comes to dancing the night away at the reception. While kicking off your shoes and going barefoot is great if you are at the beach, it’s just not practical at most reception venues. Here is an easy DIY that won’t have you sacrificing fashion for comfort.

Materials you will need:

A simple pair of comfortable flats, Scissors, Grommet kit, Hammer,  Ribbon, Fabric glue, Vintage rhinestone clips


Steps in making shoes:

  1. Determine where you would  like the holes for the ribbon ties. Mark each hole. Pierce holes with scissors.
  2. Insert grommets. Follow the instructions on grommet kit to secure each grommet with the tool and a hammer. Feed ribbon through grommet holes.
  3. Attach vintage rhinestone clips with fabric glue.
  4. Slip on your shoes and dance the night away!