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From traditionally elegant to simply modern, our Hy-Vee wedding experts will help you every step of the way.

Fresh flowers, luscious cake and delicious food create an ambiance that invites friends and family to enjoy your special day.

To get started, call the catering coordinator for an appointment. We cannot wait to help make your day magical.


Blue Springs: 625 W. 40 Hwy Blue Springs, MO Phone: 816-224-4288     Catering Coordinator: Wanda Brizendine

Independence: 1525 E. 23rd St. Independence, MO Phone: 816-836-1177     Catering Coordinator: Sheila Collins

Independence: 4545 S. Noland Rd. Independence, MO Phone: 816-478-6557     Catering Coordinator: Brad Cottington

Lee’s Summit: 301 NE Rice Rd. Lee’s Summit, MO Phone: 816-524-5760     Catering Coordinator: Ryan Bryant

Lee’s Summit: 310 SW Ward Rd. Lee’s Summit, MO Phone: 816-554-2200     Catering Coordinator: Elizabeth Davis

Raytown: 9400 E. 350 Hwy Raytown, MO Phone: 816-358-9940    Catering Coordinator: Sam Horkman

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Wedding Advice from Hy-Vee:

Cocktail hours means exactly that. Please try to not keep your guests waiting an extremely long time. You are correct in assuming that it is YOUR day, of course it is, but don’t become “that bride” who kept her guests on a two hour wait. I am sure you have been at a reception where you can actually feel the tension of the crowd.

Know that you have worked very hard to plan the perfect day for you and your man. Your reception is your first official dinner party, so take time to enjoy the experience. Sometimes things take an unexpected turn. Calmly re-adjust and keep going, as it is still is going to be one of the happiest days of your life. Cherish it always.

Try not to get upset when a vendor is booked full on the day of your wedding. Wether you waited to long to book, or another jumped the gun, we sometimes have to turn away clients. It isn’t our wish, but it wouldn’t be fair to those that have already booked.

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