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Heritage Ranch


Company Description:

Heritage Ranch is a rustic wedding venue located in Sedalia, Missouri. This venue boasts its authenticity, complete with a hundred-year-old barn seated on a ranch. The outside lawn of Heritage Ranch is ideal for ceremonies, and later for watching fireworks. This venue is perfect for any country wedding.

Heritage Ranch can accommodate up to 400 guests. The barn is filled with seating, barrels and romantic string lights. A bridal suite is also included.

Heritage Ranch offers the following services:

  • Cleanup
  • Event rentals
  • Outside vendors
  • Pet-friendly atmosphere

Wedding Advice from Sara:

Contrary to popular belief, Friday or Sunday weddings are preferred by many couples planning a ‘destination’ wedding, or who have a considerable number of guests flying from other cities. Here are five reasons and benefits:

1. You get to offer guests a ‘wedding weekend’ of activities not just one day. This gives you more time with your friends and family members, making them feel special and their trip “worth” the travel cost.

2. For traditionalists who want a rehearsal dinner before the wedding, a Sunday wedding allows this to happen on Saturday. 

3. Everyone who flies will want to experience the local action and appreciate a mini-vacation. Give your guests an excuse for a long weekend and they will love you for it.

4. Having a Friday or Sunday (or weekday) wedding is a natural way to trim your guest list. We feel it is much better to have the wedding of your dreams and fewer guests, than spending your budget on lots of people you may not know that well. Those who really want to be there will be, regardless of the day.

5. Popular vendors are more likely to be available. It is much more important to get the vendors, location, season, setting and style of wedding you want than it is the day of the week.

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