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KCWVCA Guidelines

Two-Part Execution

We knew starting out that there would be a lot of work and preparation going into this event, so we split things into two parts: Nomination/Voting & Event Execution. 


EA Bride took on the exclusive roll of handling the nomination submissions, voting, and announcement of the winners. We chose to use a secure site (SurveyMonkey) to handle the logistics of creating, accruing, and exporting all this data. 


A nomination form was created with an area where wedding professions could write-in their chosen nominees for each category. When a business/individual’s name was written in by a voter and submitted on the ballot, it was counted as “1”. If the same business received an additional nomination from a different voter, then their count arose to “2”. The top three wedding professionals/businesses within each category that had received the total most nominations were announced as the nominees. 

All voters were required to fill out a bottom contact portion on their ballot so that tampering could be seen and handled from our end. Nominations were not counted if they were received from someone that did not have a valid wedding business related email address (we searched all emails online to see if they corresponded with a business), lived/worked outside of the Kansas City Metro Area, or refused to provide any contact information at all.

Only EA Bride was granted access to the nomination submissions and counting was done unbiasedly and double checked. No nominations were accepted outside of the SurveyMonkey link and only one submission per email address was allowed. 

We will be revealing all of the business/individuals nominated at the event and would be happy to release that information again after the event. 

Fun Fact: For the 2019 awards, there were over 225 nomination ballots submitted and over 470 individuals/businesses nominated. 


Once the nominees were determined by the nominations, a multiple-choice ballot was created for voting by EA Bride. Nominees were listed alphabetically, and a fourth choice was added for voters to utilize if they wanted to opt-out of voting within a specific category. Links to each nominee’s business website were added to each genre-specific category. 

Voting is open until midnight on New Year’s Eve. After voting closes, all ballots will be evaluated by EA Bride for authenticity. The only votes that will be counted are those from Kansas City Metro Area wedding professionals with legitimate businesses and email addresses. Once the voided ballots are removed, SurveyMonkey will export the data of each category including the number of votes for each nominee. 

Up until the live announcement of the winners at the January 26thgala, EA Bride will be the only party knowledgeable of the winners.

Event Execution

The second component of the awards is the celebration; and we couldn’t be any luckier than to be working with some of Kansas City’s finest wedding professionals to bring this event to life. The following sponsors are on board for the 2019 awards: 

Planning & Coordination: Wild Hill Flowers & Events – Wild Hill has created a beautiful design for the event and is coordinating vendors to create streamlined timeline and execution on the day-of.

Venue: The Guild – the future home to all of the fun! The Guild has opened their doors for the KCWVCA on multiple occasions, from the announcement of nominees to the nominee photoshoot and the upcoming gala. They will also be providing all of the (tasty) refreshments at the bar. 

Catering: Olive Events – where there is merriment there is food. And boy oh boy is Olive bringing the most delicious food in the city (trust us, we’ve seen the menu). From appetizers to dinner and a delectable desert, your taste buds will be captivated by their generous talents!

Flowers: Wild Hill Flowers & Events – you are going to be thrilled to see all of the floral masterpieces that Wild Hill has planned for this event. From the stage to the centerpieces and various displays throughout the gala, they are bringing the beauty to the event.

Photography: Rivas Photography – this talented duo has agreed to be behind the lens to capture all of the fun of the awards. From nominee individual headshots to full group photos, they had everyone laughing at the nominee photo shoot. They will also be camera-in-hand at the gala to capture everyone dressed to the nines on the red carpet!

Rentals: Ultrapom Event Rental – it wouldn’t be an event without the beauty of Ultrapom’s rental items. From the linens, to plate, to acrylic stands, the team at Ultrapom is helping to elevate the design and sophistication of the gala.

Videography: Poemas de Barro – this will be an evening we won’t want to forget and Poemas de Barro will help us with just that. They will be at the gala capturing all of the laughter and fun to share with us in a recap after the event.

Menswear: Tip Top Tux – in gentlemanlike fashion, Tip Top Tux has agreed to offer anyone attending the event a discount on a tux rental. Now there is no reason to not be dapper!

What’s Coming for 2020: 

We have been so encouraged by the feedback that we have received for this event and would love to incorporate new ideas for 2020; including more seating and further guidelines for nominee submissions. If you have any suggestions for next year or would like to be on the planning committee for 2020, please reach out to Britney at britney@eabride.com.